On average, 60 hours per week of my life is spent sitting in an office within London’s Square Mile (aka The City). Generally, I spend part of each day wondering what lunch, dinner or palate adventure I should go on next. For the rest of my time, I spend it acting as a human translator resolving all sorts of non-sense issues between living creatures that generally fit into the following categories: rich; very rich; insanely rich; weird; ultra extrovert; extreme introvert; easily agitated; grumpy; arrogant; “I know it all”.

Unfortunately I was not born with buckets of gold awaiting my arrival. Unfortunately I have lots (I mean lots) of bills to pay. Unfortunately as much as an introvert I am with my personal life, my work life meant I have to turn into another extrovert self forced to talk to and network with other people. Unfortunately I can’t just sit at home on a rocking chair next to a fireplace with a cat and a blanket on my lap. Unfortunately I can’t just own an alpaca farm and live in the middle of nowhere living happily ever after.

Life is unfair.

But I’ve got to get over it and live on.

So… The way I get over it is to do something that I enjoy. Something that gave a purpose to my life. Something that would allow me to have something to look forward to even on the gloomiest day. And that something, happens to be food.

No, I don’t consider myself as a food snob. All I ask for is something simple, that any food I consume should satisfy the following requirements:
(1) good quality
(2) good value
(3) much loved

We’ve all been there. A burnt watery cup of caffé latte. An overcooked fish that has been dead 10 times over. A green veg that’s soggy, brown and sad. Whether they are served in 5 star hotels costing hundreds of dollars or on the street priced at a couple of pennies is not the point. It’s the quality versus price.

The term “nice food” does not have a directly proportional relationship with price. The point that I’m trying to make is that, nice food does not have to be pricy nor fancy. It’s whatever that suits you the best at the time, made with the most love and passion it could possibly receive, using the freshest ingredients it could possibly get within its constraints, served by people who actually cares.

So, I’ve set out to explore everything that would put a smile on my face, specifically within the Square Mile on weekdays, and bargain set lunch menus on weekends. And I figured that it would only be fair if I shared my palate adventures with everyone else so that we can all share the love and joy!


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