Shoryu (Regent Street): great ramen in velvety white pork stock

Dear Shoryu, can you open a shop in the City, please?

Shoryu Ramen specialises in Hakata tonkotsu, originally from the southern island of Kyushu in Japan. Hakata tonkotsu is made with a thick, rich, white pork bone soup, accompanied with long, thin, straight ramen. The pork stock soup is not easy to make. Proper ones require days of simmering of pork, fat, bone marrow, collagen, resulting in an immensely flavoursome white pork stock.

Self served garlic – freshly pressed onto your Ramen as much or as little as you wish

Shoryu Ganso Tonkotsu

Ton Kara-age Men

Shoryu’s stock is just right. It’s intense, but not overly thick as if you were eating glue. It’s white, looks just right. Shoryu’s ramen (hosomen – thin noodle) is just right. Thin, straight, bouncy and chewy. According to their website, their ramen are made in the UK using strong Cotswold flour. Shoryu’s eggs are also just right. Eggs are perfectly cooked, just right on the outside with gooey yolks, marinated just right with a hint of soy, mirin, sake and ginger. I always order extra portions – half is never enough! Finally, their pork, are also just right. You can taste the quality pork, marinated, slow cooked, soft yet still with a pork texture.

Shoryu usually has a queue outside during their dinner service, but it remains to be my favourite Ramen shop, partly because all components of their Ramen are just right, partly because they have in my opinion the most comfortable seatings out of all decent Ramen shops in London. Though, if I was to break down component by component, I do prefer the eggs at Tonkotsu and the vinegary garlic at Bone Daddies. Stock wise, by far, Shoryu has my favourite.

Damage to pocket: £15 per head (Ramen + drink)
Number of accumulated visits: 10+
Date of visit: Since Nov 2012
Will we return? Yes

Shoryu Ramen on Urbanspoon


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