Pie’s Valentine – Random Thoughts


A dozen.
Freshly picked.
Happy Valentine’s Day.

It feels sweet when someone makes the extra effort to send you a little message to remind you that you are on their mind. [blush]

We don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day. We also have a mutual agreement on a “no roses” rule. Food, yes. Flowers, no. Valentine’s Day is probably a wonderful day for those who aren’t together, to find an excuse to get together. But when two people are already together, you wonder why you should celebrate with millions of others on a day that doesn’t really mean anything to the two of you. Yet another commercial scam?

Every day is Valentine’s Day. Every day is a special day.

So, instead of a dozen real freshly picked roses, we spent the night enjoying a light easy drinking Italian red that we recently bought from Vini Italiani.


Frappato is a red grape variety grown on the South Eastern Coast of Sicily. It is light bodied, medium ruby colour and medium acidity. The nose is aromatic and red fruit driven: cherry, strawberry. It is inviting and easy drinking, with medium tannin that gives the backbone to this wine. It is not a huge big wine filled with complexity, but is Charming enough to drink on it’s own while preparing dinner or company with a light fish starter. Be mindful that you could finish a bottle in no time!


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