Pure Made For You: freshly made decent food that is a little over priced

Close your eyes. Imagine you are in a meeting in the office with 10 other people, all sitting around a big round table. For one second, you are all discussing a very serious matter. The next second, this guy sitting next to you started throwing meatballs left right and centre across the room…!

I just lost it, totally. Started cracking up so badly that I had to dig a hole to hide my face in…

This all started with meatballs and rissoles.

I didn’t know what rissoles were. Never heard of them. Never seen one. Never tasted one. My Kiwi colleague told me about them, apparently it’s a thing in New Zealand. But he told me not because we were eating rissoles, instead, it was because there’s this colleague at work who says “results” as “rissoles”. Ironically Mr Rissoles’ responsibilities meant he uses the word “results” in every other sentence.

“… The rissoles we received today were…” (were they fresh today?!)

“…The rissoles didn’t pass the quality checks because…” (oh dear, what % of real meat did we find in these rissoles?!)

Since I learnt about rissoles, there was not once that I could hear his whole sentence out because I would be spending all my energy in biting my lips trying hard not to smile… But today when Mr Rissoles said in a very serious voice “the rissoles today were not as good as the rissoles from yesterday, the rissoles were…”, I just lost it completely! All I could see were meatballs flying all across the room as if I was in a (brown) snowball fight. I bit my tongue but it didn’t work! I tried to hide my face but it was too big and obvious! I tried not too breathe but ended up gasping desperately for air! Gosh my face must have been red… Mr Kiwi sitting opposite me started cracking up too… Yeah he did better, pretending to drop a pen, hiding his face under the table whilst picking up the pen. And no no no, no that didn’t help me because it was even more hilarious to see a big huge ostrich in the room digging his face into the ground… Now imagine an ostrich hiding its head in the sand and lots of flying meatballs together in the same picture… I was laughing so hard I was in tears…!

With meatballs being the topic of the day, it would not have done itself justice if there were no followups. Meatballs for lunch then!

Pure made for you is a relatively new chain with a branch right next to Moorgate station. I’ve had a couple of salads and hot food from here. It’s ok, but a bit pricy for what it is in my opinion. The only reason why I visit is because of the free wifi, free tap water and comfort seating. It does get busy during lunch hours but if you turn up before 12.30, it is not too hard to get a seat.

Mama’s meatballs. Served on organic brown short grain and Camargue red rice

The meatballs are a little disappointing to be honest. They feel too processed. Imagine IKEA meatballs, yes, very similar here. I prefer my Italian meatballs that consists of a high % of real meat and soft and fluffy. I don’t remember much about the tomato sauce either. I guess that says it all for the pot of food. Well. My meatball and rissoles day ended on a low note on food terms, but hey, I’m still smiling about the ostrich and rissoles 🙂

Other lunches I have tried here include Chicken and Mushroom rice, Jerk Salad, and Halloumi Toastie. Food is average. Price is not cheap. Is my palate screaming out load with excitement? Not really. Would I come back for more food? Probably not if I just need a quick takeaway. But perhaps yes, if I need somewhere to escape to that serves OK food and an unlimited supply of water and wifi.

Chicken & Mushroom Fricassee. Served on organic brown short grain and Camargue red rice

The Jerk Salad – Fired chicken, avocado, tomato, sweet peppers, red onion and sweetcorn on whole-wheat pasta and baby leaf spinach. Devil’s dressing.

Damage to pocket: Approx ÂŁ6
Number of accumulated visits: 5+
Date of visit: Since 2013
Will we return? Perhaps not soon, but don’t mind it when I need a space with wifi to escape to


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