The Street Kitchen – A Review

Quality lunch from a street van at a perfect location. What more can you ask for for a city lunch?

Fridays = I-am-allowed-a-big-lunch-day (hey, what the heck, every day is a big lunch day)

For me, a big lunch is a well deserved deed after a long week of hard work (procrastination), meetings (bluffs), PowerPoint creation (beautification of otherwise boring black and white text that no one really cares about) and coffees (caffeine overdose). Then week after week, I go through a phase of “why am I here” > “what can I do to not waste my life” > “but I need to pay the bills” > “nevermind, I just need some good food now, I’m starving” kind of confused state of mind.


The lunch boxes here are not thaaaat big in comparison to, say Assenheim’s, but it’s of a very decent size and certainly of a good quality. Take a bite of the chicken and you will hear it screaming “I am a piece of 100% UK chicken, fresh and tasty! Probably the best that you can find in city takeaways!”

The Street Kitchen also releases a constant fragrance of grilled fish every lunch time. Often just by standing in the queue, one would get caught in the unfortunate direction of wind blowing right into ones face meaning you all stink of oilly fish afterwards. Not that I’m too bothered… But it is something that I would consider if I have important in person meetings on Friday afternoons (but I manage this by actively declining Friday afternoon meetings, who works on Fridays anyway?!)


Their menu is more or less the same every day with very minor changes. Very often, I would stand in the queue contemplating which dish out of the menu I should try. Thing is, 9 out of 10 times I would end up ordering for the same thing – crispy chicken.

Take 1

Take 2
Crispy chicken with warm crushed potatoes, pickled red onions, smoked bacon lardons, croutons, soft lettuce and Winchy mayonnaise (£7.50)

Look. City lunches. How often do you get take outs that are just thrown together into a mess that you haven’t got a clue what you are eating, but you just eat it anyway because it’s just food that keeps you alive after all? I’d to say the Street Kitchen is not one of them.

I don’t know how they do it (I mean, I do, they cook their chicken on a professional hot plate cooker). What i meant was, I have been impressed by the chicken being consistently done just right, and the skin being always crispy, even after sitting inside the box for 5 minutes (covered) whilst I walk back to the office. And the biggest difference to other city lunches I see here – quality: the ingredients always taste fresh; the elements of each dish are thoughtfully put together; there are layers of flavours from the district ingredients that sing in harmony. Of all the times I have been there, apart from having the salmon once, it’s always been chicken. Nom nom nom…


Hot smoked salmon, roasted beetroots, warm crushed potatoes, baby leaf, pak choi and mayonnaise (£7.50)

I don’t like beetroots, but hey, I thought I’d give it a go and see what the Street Kitchen can make of it. I still don’t like it. Yes, I’m biased on the beetroots.

Putting beetroots aside, look at that fish cooked just under! Tell me, how many average normal street restaurants have you been to that you’ve seen a piece of salmon not cooked to death 10 times over and over again? This was certainly over my expectation from a street van takeaway.

The Friday only Buffalo Bill Burger: well aged beef patty with melted cheddar, pickled red onions, lettuce, ketchup, smoked mustard mayo on a toasted brioche bun (£7.50)

This one with an extra runny yolk egg

The Street Kitchen is a wonderful little van with food magic happening inside. It is certainly not cheap and I wouldn’t want to be visiting everyday, but it certainly is a great option for once every few weeks or when you crave for some good quality comfort food.

Damage to pocket: £7.50 per dish
Number of accumulated visits: 10+
Date of visit: Since 2012
Will we return? Yes please


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