Tonkotsu – A Review

Tonkotsu is a bit of a hit and miss with their ramen and sides. However, they have been consistently serving one of the best nitamago (Japanese marinated soft boiled eggs) out of all London ramen bars. Their pork is not only succulent but also finished on a chargrill giving it an extra flavour.

According to their website, they ramen are homemade, using a blend of special flour from Oxford, made using a filtered alkaline salted water. The noodles are decent, but the texture of their ramen doesn’t really remind me of the ramen I’ve had in Japan or other London ramen bars. It tastes more like those South Eastern Asian yellow alkaline noodles.


Pork gyoza

Hit and miss groza. Had it perfectly made and cooked. Also had it warm. Also had it soggy and oily.

Soft shell crab

Hit and miss crab. Had it perfectly cooked, crunch and tasty. Has it too oily, every bite had a big spoon of residual oil in.

Tonkotsu – sea salt base with rich, predominantly pork stock with speciality thinner cut noodles topped with pork belly slices, seasoned egg, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts and spring onions

Soho Ramen – sea salt base with pork and chicken stock with classic noodles, topped with Grimsby based smoke house, Alfred Enderby’s smoked haddock with lumpfish caviar, seasoned egg, bamboo shoots, Pakistan choi and spring onions


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