Sacred – A Review

We all have our personal favourites. This could be down to personal preference, experience, mood, accompany, location, and many other factors. For me, Sacred hits a little sweet spot in my memory, and for this simple reason, I admit that I am biased and this place always puts a smile on my face.



Sacred is one of the few cafes that aims to bring the New Zealand cafe experience to London. I’ve read about Sacred many times before in articles related to the top London coffee shops. I’ve walked pass it many times seeing it being very packed. I’ve never been. Until I met a Kiwi friend who was adamant that I must visit to try their flat white and sausage roll… So I decided to visit on an early Saturday morning to beat the crowd and enjoy some quiet time.


Almond Croissant

Sausage Roll

We had a chat with the barista, discussed their ethos, coffee, life in general. They explained that their coffee beans are of their own blend, sourced from Guatemala. We ordered a large flat white and a large cafe latte. It was a tad too milky for both a flat white and a latte. The coffee easy drinking and smooth, but lacked character. We actually returned again after this visit for a regular sized coffee and both flat white and latte tasted better and stronger, so perhaps it is down their milk to coffee ratio for the different sized cups.

Large flat white

Latte art

Regular caffè latte

Large caffè latte

For a tired shopper near soho who wants a sit down at a decent cafe with good coffee, yes, Sacred is great. For a good cup of quality coffee, my personal favourite is still without a doubt Monmouth Coffee (and it has to be the Borough Market branch).

Sacred on Urbanspoon


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