Gelatorino – A Review

In my opinion, the best velvety gelato in London. I can come to Gelaorino day after day, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If I was only allowed to visit one gelateria in London, Gelatorino would be the one.


I like Gelatorino because of the raw ingredients that they use. Top quality italian sourced ingredients: IGP hazlenuts, Italy sourced Bronte pistachio pastes, and hey, a running tap of Gianduja (sweet chocolate from Turin with about 30% of hazlenut paste). You can just tell from the flavours being quite different to other ordinary gelato served elsewhere.


I like Gelatorino because of the way they make their gelato – the traditional method “mantecazione”. The gelato churns and freezes slowly and vertically, which means although it takes longer to make, it absorbs much less air in the making process resulting in a creamier and more velvety texture in comparison to the industrial method. There are two machines next to the cashier that churns the gelato through out the day and customers are able to watch the churning in action through the glass pane.


I like Gelatorino because of the way they keep and serve their gelato. Rows of “pozzetti” are used instead of big open trays for display. Pozzetti are covered refrigerated wells. Allowing the gelato to sit in covered well mean the gelato deteriorate at a slower speed as they are less exposed to air, they keep their freshness and colour better, they can be kept at a temperature that allows the best velvety and creamy texture, there is no need to make it look pretty by shaping it and covering it in unnecessary edibles.

Blah blah blah… As much as I want to go on and on about gelato, you probably just want to see the gelato themselves…

So, what to order here… You can order a small, medium or large gelato on a cone or in a cup. But my favourite by far is their affogato – gelato with espresso or gianduja. Best with a creamy heavier base, e.g. Hazelnut, pistachio, chocolate.





Damage to pocket: £3/4/5 (small/medium/large) Gelato, £5.50 Affogato
Number of accumulated visits: 50+
Date of visit: Since 2012
Will we return? Yes (any season), yes (any day), yes (any time) and yes (any mood)

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